Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumesThe Dark Knight Rises is the final installment of a trilogy that will have people talking about it for years and years. The Caped Crusader is back and never has he been more popular that right now. This is the kind of movie that changes all expectations for movies created after it, and regardless of whether or not you’re a comic book fan you’ve probably are seen it (at least once) and have fallen in love with it.

Well great news, because with these Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes you’re able to take on Bruce Wayne’s alter ego and become the Dark Knight himself. While you’ll probably have to change into the suit somewhere in your home and not in the Bat Cave, you’ll still get the most realistic experience possible when you put on this jumpsuit, cape, and famous cowl. Not only do you get those base materials (all in Batman black), but you also get molded armor and gauntlets, the famous Batman utility belt, and boot covers to complete your change from Brue to Bat.

Catwoman costumesThe Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes are made from polyester, satin, and latex components, and while they won’t be able to stop bullets (or really big dogs, like Mr. Fox says), you’ll still look the part when you slip into Batman’s iconic suit. You’ll of course have to supply your own Bat mobile.

And the Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes aren’t just limited to the Bruce Wayne’s of the world – there is also a prime selection of costumes for the Selina Kyle’s out there. All of the ladies out there would love to look the way Catwoman did in the movie – smart, sexy, strong – and these costumes are the perfect way to show those attributes off. These costumes come in a couple of different variations depending upon the age appropriate model you’re choosing, and most come with the jumpsuit and mask – the perfect kitty ear headset will need to be purchased separately.

Bane CostumesAnd for those of your who like to walk on the wild side, there are perfect Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes for you too – both Bane and The Joker are represented almost identical to the way they are shown in the movies. The Bane costumes come complete with a molded muscle jumpsuit, breathing mask, as well as some armor and gauntlets to complete the look of one of Batman’s most dangerous foes. And who could forget the absolutely incredible performance by Heath Ledger as The Joker – this costume is a faithful representation of everything he brought to the role, and will leave you looking almost identical to the mad man that almost broke the Batman.

There are also several child friendly outfits perfect for the little ones who want to become the Batman, each in several different sizes for the perfect fit for your child. All in all these Batman The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costumes are going to be a smash hit this Halloween, and are the perfect compliment for the Dark Knight fans in your family.

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