Austin Powers Costumes

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Say Yeah Baby to the Austin Powers Costumes

Austin Powers Carnaby Street costumeMike Myers really shot to stardom when the first Austin Powers film was released, and the assortment of Austin Powers costumes gives you the ability to portray one of the memorable characters. Guys have the option of dressing as Dr. Evil or one of two different Austin ensembles. Females can dress as one of the sexy Fembots.

The first Austin outfit features his main spy ensemble. This includes a blue jacket, white dickey, and a pair of pants with an elastic waist so you can get a good fit. The outfit is only available in one standard adult size.

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Austin is almost never seen without his glasses, so you’ll be provided with a pair of those as well. While dancing in the streets in the movie, he’s also keeping rhythm with his favorite tambourine, so that’s included as an accessory too. The character’s teeth really make him stand out, but you aren’t given any fake teeth, so it’s best that you look for some on your own. A wig doesn’t come included with this costume either.

The second option you’ll have if you want to dress as Austin Powers is wearing his signature Carnaby Street suit. This includes a pair of blue pants, jacket, white scarf, and even a shirt liner. A pair of glasses comes with this costume too.

Just like the other Austin costume, this one only comes in one size too. However, it’s available only in XX-large. This particular suit is made from 100% polyester which precludes you from washing it in the washing machine safely.

Dr. evil costumeIf you’d rather go as Austin’s arch-nemesis, then the Dr. Evil costume will be right up your alley. The jacket and pants are available in one size fits all only. Dr. Evil’s signature look is his bald head. If you don’t have your own head shaved, then you’ll likely want to wear the bald head that is included with the outfit.

Dr. Evil always kisses his ring whenever a good or evil idea crosses his mind. This much-needed accessory is also included with his outfit. You’ll need to wash this costume like Austin’s second ensemble since it is also made from 100% polyester.

The only one of the Austin Powers costumes that females have the option of getting is the Sexy Fembot outfit. It features a pink dress complete with matching shoe clip-ons, a hair clip, and gloves that run up your arm all the way to your elbow.

A Fembot is a really dangerous weapon thanks to the concealed gun barrels that they have. The pink dress features toy gun barrels just like the characters in the movie. The sizes that the Fembot outfit are available in include small, medium, and large. Spot cleaning is also necessary for this polyester dress.

If you’re a fan of Mike Meyer’s most famous film, then consider getting one of the Austin Powers costumes. Go as the hero Austin himself or go as the villain in the film, Dr. Evil. The Fembot outfit is also a sexy getup for ladies that will really get the guy’s attention.

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