Ant Man Costumes

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We can’t let a year go by these days without a new member of the Avengers, so get on the cutting edge with these Ant Man Halloween Costumes. Whether you’re looking for a costume for yourself or your child, there are options to make everyone feel like a hero (or villain).

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Ant Man Costume

Ant Man Adult CostumeThe adult Ant Man Halloween costume is officially licensed by Marvel, so it is the most accurate costume around. This deluxe costume consists of a jumpsuit, a belt, and a headpiece so you are ready to hypnotize ants and save the day instantly. The jumpsuit is also padded, so no bodybuilding required. Shoe covers attached to the jumpsuit allow you to wear shoes for the purposes of comfort without compromising style. The only thing the costume does not include is gloves, but you can complete your costume with black gloves available for a very reasonable price.

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Ant Man Child CostumeIf you’re looking for a costume for your child, Ant Man Halloween costumes are also available in kids sizes. Like the adult costume, the kids costume comes with a padded jumpsuit with shoe covers, belt, and mask. The same gloves sold separately for adults are available in children’s sizes.

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For added fun, pick up the voice changer device so you or your child can sound like Ant Man too. The changer has ten settings from Dracula to Wicked Witch to ghost. While it does not have an exact Ant Man voice, the Storm Trooper setting is perfect for duplicating Ant Man’s voice while he is in the suit. The voice changer is the perfect addition to complete your Ant Man Halloween costume. Plus you can hang onto it for April Fools and scare your friends with the monster voice setting.

Yellow Jacket Costume

Ant Man Adult Yellow Jacket CostumeIf you feel more villain than hero, check out the Ant Man Halloween costumes for Yellow Jacket. The costume consists of a jumpsuit¬† that is padded for maximum muscles, shoe covers, a belt, and an awesome Yellow Jacket headpiece. Wear the costume with the shoes of your choice or grab some black boots to add some authenticity to the outfit. Don’t forget black gloves to top off the costume.¬† Yellow Jacket is the villain that Ant Man fights at the end of the movie, so you can choreograph a fight with your friend dressed as Ant Man, just stay clear of bug zappers.

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Ant Man Child Yellow Jacket CostumeThe kids version of the Yellow Jacket Ant Man Halloween costume is also available with the same accessories: a jumpsuit, belt, and headpiece. Official Ant Man Yellow Jacket boots are not available for kids, but Amazon has a variety of black boots for both boys and girls that would be a perfect addition to the costume.

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All kids Ant Man Halloween costumes come in small, medium, and large sizes, while adult costumes are one-size-fits-all. Gloves are sold in kids and adult sizes.

Ant Man was one of the hottest movies of the summer, so you’ll definitely be on point at any party with an Ant Man Halloween costume.